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system development

LabVIEW & Hardware application

Develop a system that meets the needs of customers

Data measurement, analysis,

inspection and testing systems

Decentralized system integration management

Optical expression analysis image processing

Servo/Stepper speed and position control

Industrial automation

High reliability

Digital circuit design

FPGA-based system


High-speed analog data collection and storage with 5ms cycles of hardware specialized for data collection from National Instruments


Can design various DBs such as Mysql and Oracle / Implement HIPIS and Data Search using DATA stored in DB (DATABASE)

Statistical data and analysis techniques using stored data to determine the cause of quality fluctuations and process conditions


Real-time sharing of all production data information enables optimized production operations


Provides position, speed, and force solutions according to the purpose of regular position, constant speed, precision control, and control using sub-motor (MOTION)

Application to all industries using cameras, such as presence determination, dimensional measurement, angle measurement, bar-code reading, and color analysis 


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